100 Best Canadian Songs Ever: #100 Your Daddy Don’t Know | Toronto

Teresa Stolarskyj

I have to admit, #100 on Huffington Post’s 100 Best Canadian Songs Ever is one I’d never heard before encountering this chart. Now, I’m fairly learned about Canadian popular song and am always excited to discover a great pop ditty, but it surprises me somewhat that the first of a Top 100 isn’t obviously recognizable; something that hooks in the curious bystander who’s happened to trip across this piece. Something that makes the listener say, “that song is Canadian!? What else is Canadian?!,” with the inspiration to continue through the list. Canada is rife with great music across genres, and it wouldn’t be hard to produce a listing of 100 songs that were both excellent and widely recognized. Perhaps opening this list with a band called “Toronto” reflects the authors’ Toronto-centric focus. (Spoiler alert: the chart is quite strongly Toronto-centric, to those who worry about such things). The regions…

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