Steely Dan podcast, part three

For the third installment of our conversation about Steeleye Spam Dan, Vic Perry and I are joined on the line by Alfred Soto (who you may recall from previous long-winded podcast adventures) to examine the most-disagreed-upon SD release of all, 1980’s Gaucho. Largely dismissed as too-slick for its own good by punk- and post-punk-obsessed critics, Gaucho has, in more recent years, come to be considered by many not merely a “not-rock” blip in an otherwise remarkably consistent—if nevertheless imperfect—career, but a masterwork in its own right. A good summation of the dialectic around Gaucho is summed up in an excellent 2006 re-evaluation by Mike Powell. The “friends” he refers to here could well be me:

Gaucho isn’t for everyone. I’ve tried forcing the album on friends who reply simply by saying “It’s slick, it’s boring, it’s stupid. If there’s something there, I don’t get it…

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