So Long, Bannatyne: Guess Who cover building burns

So Long, Bannatyne: Guess Who cover building burns

Teresa Stolarskyj

We take a break from counting down Huffington Post’s Canada’s Best 100 Songs Ever to acknowledge yesterday’s news that the building from the cover of The Guess Who’s 1971 LP So Long, Bannatyne has been lost to a substantial blaze. Now, I’m born and bread in Winnipeg, and although I don’t reside there I have an abiding fondness for it: for the city; for the people, who tend to be warm and kind despite enduring the -50 winters time and again; for the rich social, architectural, and musical history; for the neighborhood called the North End and its storied immigration waves and blue collar sensibilities. This is the home of The Guess Who, the band which first put Canada on the US charts; the band that showed the world that Canadians could rock, and do it well. We’ll undoubtedly talk about Winnipeg a lot more as we go.

Guess Who cover Album cover…

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