It’s New Zealand Music Month: Spotlight on Kiwi Bands #6- The Feelers

It’s New Zealand music month and 22 days into it I am highlighting some great Kiwi Bands. Most will be 80’s and 90’s band that I grew up with and are those classic albums.

Band number #6 is: The Feelers

The Feelers exploded from Christchurch in the late 90’s and had some big hits, Pressure Man, Venus, Space Cadet and more. I discovered them in the mid 90’s via a demo tape of songs a friends had and was amazed. I would love a copy of the tape if anyone has it too!!

More albums and great songs continued over the past few year.

It should also be noted that The Feelers have sold more albums in New Zealand than any other New Zealand Band. They don’t always get the best press, but that is a function of New Zealand society more than anything I think.

Any band that can create music, produce a album is a feat in itself, no matter your musical taste.

For those readers overseas here are some of the best of the best below


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