Return to Paradise: Green Day Headline Benefit Show at 924 Gilman St.


On Friday May 9, the first of two benefit shows was held for the independent neighbors AK Press, a publisher and producer, and 1984 Printing. In March, their West Oakland headquarters burned down in a deadly fire that claimed two lives. The second benefit show took place May 17, at the same legendary venue: 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley. The all-ages collective-run club has hosted shows since December of 1986 and has nurtured tons of bands including Operation Ivy, Rancid, AFI, Neurosis, Jawbreaker and of course, Green Day.

A crowd forms at the entrance of 924 Gilman Street. A crowd forms at the entrance of 924 Gilman Street.

Internet forums began rumbling last week before exploding into a full on frenzy over rumors that Green Day would headline the second show. Speculation mounted enough so that when the $20 tickets went on sale at 9am May 16—the morning before the day of the show—it only took 10 to 15 second to…

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