Kendrickmusicfreaks Essential Hair Metal Top 20

I just love Hair Bands, before the rise of grunge there was the Ballad power of the Hair bands. You know bands with big hair filling the arenas an ocean of lighters and ballads of love and lost. They could do classic rock like Warrants “Cherry Pie” to Mr Bigs Ballad filled “To be with you”

The rise of grunge may have halted hair bands but they will forever be amazing my eyes.

My first tape was Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” and my first LP was Giant’s “Last of the Runaways” and that lead me to bands like Queensryche, Kix, Warrant and while not mentioned Extreme ( just a bit too rock)

And there are more bands to be discovered, I have managed to get a 100 complication disc series of Hair bands. It will be a jounrey with old friends and new friends to discovered,,,,and some one you probably won’t want to hear from again.

Some bands managed to survice the grunge era and define themselves away from being Hair Metal, Queensryche, Def Leppard, and Accept are all still going strong.

So behold, my Top 20 (ish) of Hair Metal.

  1. Slaughter
  2. Queensryche
  3. Kix
  4. Ratt
  5. W.A.S.P
  6. Europe (soft hair)
  7. Warrant
  8. Danger Danger
  9. Giant
  10. Bonfire
  11. LA Guns
  12. Dokken
  13. Winger
  14. Thunder
  15. Night Ranger
  16. Faster Pussycat
  17. Vixen
  18. Dangerous Toys
  19. Stryper
  20. D-A-D
  21. Accept
  22. And of course Def Leppard

Sorry couldn’t stop at 20.

Love this song!!!

Amazing song!!


11 thoughts on “Kendrickmusicfreaks Essential Hair Metal Top 20

      1. It was really great. All the Firework at the end of AC/DC`s show – just W O W ! And all the money, were shot by cannon, during “moneytalks” 😀 Booooooom!

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