Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli :: SOTD

lyrique discorde


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Gregoire Guillemin

“Crazy way he thrills-a me,
tell you why,
just like a lightning from the sky.”

When I was a little girl my Mother used to call me Lolly, a nickname derived from the “Lollipop” song, by The Chordettes, a tune that was popular when she was a little girl, you know the one, where you hear the lip-smack-mouth-pop sound after the refrain.

I used to practice the pop sound in front of the mirror, puckering my lips up, slipping my finger inside, trying to make the right kind of snap. I would later sit in front of the same mirror trying to learn to to blow bubbles out of over-sized, artificially-fruit flavored chewing gum.

My Mother’s lipsticks were always a fascination of mine. I coveted their bold colors and interesting shiny containers, the way she would twist them until they revealed…

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