Cool for Cats – A Playlist Dedicated to Cat Lovers … and their Cats!

Trapped on a rock floating in space

This playlist is dedicated to my fellow cat lovers. In particular, it was inspired by a little, black, furry ball of mischief named Monty, who’s turned my flat into his own flying circus.

This is how he once appeared on the Anim-mates web site (when he was ‘reserved’ by me!).


Having spent just over 6 months in a boarding kennel, awaiting adoption (and having been returned by one impatient family), his name is now Monty and he is a very welcome addition to my life. We’ll be best friends from here to eternity.

I’ll  leave it up to you to guess where his name came from. In the meantime, here’s the full Monty …

DSCF5966DSCF5996DSCF5999 v2DSCF6040DSCF6084DSCF6088DSCF6094

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