Miguel- Wildheart

So I put my hand up to review a R&B album… Holy Shite, it turned up with a nearly naked R&B artist on the front. What do I know about R&B and rap….not a hell of a lot- What Was I Thinking.

I had to do a bit of research and found out that Wildheart is Miguels 3rd album. The first one was released in 2011 to  poor reception but it became a bit of a sleeper hit, and his second album Kaleidoscope Dream was received to critical acclaim .

Miguel is a R&B singer that seems to be sex-positive over sex obsessed (I am sure many will argue what is the difference), and he tends to focus on partnerships rather than just trying to go out and “hit it”.

Songs like The Valley are about California’s Porn Industry and lyrics like: lips, tits and  clits sum up the theme of the album nicley.

I can very much hear his heroes in the music:  Prince, Usher and James Brown whose influence all seem to blend into the album, along with syths, guitars and beats and he even has a duet with Lenny Kravitz helping him to create an almost alt R&B sound.

By all rights I should hate this albums but to my suprise,  I found it clever, well produced and expertly sung. It all works.


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