Bloody Your Hands On A Cactus Tree – The Pixies at Burberries

Bloody Your Hands On A Cactus Tree – The Pixies at Burberries


I’ve always shown an interest in support bands. I’ve played a few local arts festivals and I know how disheartening it is to look out to see you and your colleagues outnumbering the audience. I recall one particularly dispiriting experience when we were competing with the fire brigade who were letting local kiddies have a go at sounding the siren on their big red Dennis machine. The nuances of our acoustic jazz experience were somewhat lost that afternoon.

If I’m truthful though, a significant element of my keenness is fear of missing out or “FOMO” as I understand it is now known. Who knows, that unheard of “plus support” at the bottom of the tickets could be next year’s musical solution. Given the generally shitty nature of pubs near venues in many places (particularly growing up in the West Midlands), what’s to be lost by catching the opening act?

This behaviour…

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