This blog has been created to allow me to connect and talk about bands that I love. If you like any of the bands that I write about please do let me know or if you have any you want me to write about.

There will be no current 40 bands discussed but apart from that it will be varied.

Look forward to sharing and discussing music with everyone.

Email me direct at : kendrickmusicfreak@gmail.com



28 thoughts on “About

  1. Amazing blog you have put together here! Excited to follow. So much work I can tell has gone into this already. Honored you have reblogged a post of ours on your site. Music is played quite often on it, but to have a dedicated blog to music is awesome. Love how you include poetry. Just love.. xx

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  2. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you will enjoy some entertaining music and writing and perhaps make some discoveries. I usually post once a week and welcome your comments. Good luck with your blog. Regards Thom.

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  3. No current band? Bummer. I like a lot of today’s music, too. But, I’m glad to find someone else passionate about music. I like classical, blues, western, old country, jazz, just about all genres of rock, pop, rap, heavy metal, R&B, and so on. I like all generations from the 1920s on through. There’s so much good music out there, I hate to deprive myself.

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  4. Thanks for following me! I was just looking at your post about The Chills, since I haven’t heard too many Kiwi bands myself. It reminded me of a conversation my mom and I had a few months back about 80s bands. My mom in particular loves her some good ol’fashioned 80s Soft Rock; her teenage fixes being: Stevie Nicks and old jams from Sting, to name a few lol She’s still schooling me on quite a few names I still don’t know about.

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