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Kendrick’s Essential Albums ( In his head anyway) #5 Fretblanet- Junkfuel (1994)

Fretblanet were an powerpop band from Stourbridge, England.

A bit like Bush at the time, they got more attention in America than the UK which was in the throes of Britpop.

They had a 1997 with the song “Into the Ocean” and second a second albums called Home Truths From Abroad but seemed to vanish after that.

Originally I got this on tape along with some other crackers like a couple of The Mission Albums in 1997. I played it to death,  especially loving Song in B, Junkfuelled and 1941. Both albums I have on cd.

You may notice in my posts that I remember everything about when I get a album. I seem to be able to recall everything about that magical moment I find a album.


Kendrick’s Essential Albums ( In his head anyway) #4 UMA Fare Well (1997)

Now I can’t find anything about these guys at all!! This is one that appeared and vanished. Am I the only person that has a copy?

UMA had three members:

  • Chris Hickey Vocals and Guitar
  • Andy Kamman Drums and Percussion
  • Sally Dworsky Vocals Guitar and Keyboard.

Recorded in LA during later end of 1996.

The song is a acoustic rock vibe, with many of the songs sharing vocals of Chris and Sally, mending the songs together.

Again I wonder how a album this good just vanishes……..

Uma- Fare Well
Uma- Fare Well

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Kendrick’s Essential Albums ( In his head anyway) #2 Blameless- The Signs Are All There (1995)

Another bargain find at $2. But this Sheffield band have made a cracker of an album.

An album that would be their first and last. They had a minor hit with ” Town Clowns ” and ”  Don’t Say You’re Sorry “, but they failed to chart and disbanded.

At least they made a great album before fading away.

Kendrick’s Essential Albums ( In his head anyway) #1- Self- Sublimial Plastic Motors

Here I will highlight some of my favourite albums and what is essential for me.

I would be interested to hear what is essential for you.

At various stages I have owned more than one copy of this album. When I saw it cheap I would buy so that I have some I could pass on to friends to discover for themselves

I first came across this album in tape form in 1997 in a bargain bin. Like many of the early albums I found the cover was what drew me in.


What can I say, every song on this album rocks on every level but highlights are:

  • Sophomore Jinx
  • So Low 3:48
  • Marathon Shirt
  • Cannon

Even better news is while looking at this on Discogs to create a link for you if you wanted to buy, I have found that it has been released in vinyl..SOLD!!!

Also check out the other albums as well, Gizmodgery was recorded using only kids musical instruments. It has the great song Trunk Fulla Amps as well which I will link on here.