It’s New Zealand Music Month: Spotlight on Kiwi Bands #7

It’s New Zealand music month and 20 days into it I am highlighting some great Kiwi Bands. Most will be 80’s and 90’s band that I grew up with and are those classic albums.

Band number #7 is: The Chills

A popular band in New Zealand in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s and a cult band around the world.

Coming from Dunedin and see as in part of the Dunedin band that also produced bands such as Toy Love (Chris Knox), The Clean, The Verlaines etc.

Big hit in New Zealand for them was Pink Frost and a minor International Hit was I love my Leather Jacket.

The Chills disbanded in 1992 as a band and the following year was essentially solo efforts with live band members recruited. In 2013 The Chills released “Somewhere Beautiful” which was the first album since “Sunburst” in 1996. and with a proper band in place.


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