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Best of 90’s Alternative/Rock (Volume 1)

00:00 Live – Selling the Drama
03:31 Candlebox – Far Behind
08:40 Green Day – Basket Case
11:46 4 Non Blondes – What’s up
16:50 Betther than Ezra – Good
19:56 Blind Melon – No Rain
25:47 Collective Soul – Shine
31:08 Creed – My Own Prison
35:25 Deadeye Dick – New Age Girl
38:43 Foo Fighters – Big Me
40:54 Gin Blossoms – As Long as It Matters
45:19 Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
48:54 Nirvana – Smell Like Teen Spirit
53:31 Oasis – Champagne Supernova
1:01:01 Pearl Jam – Alive
1:05:57 R.E.M – The One I Love
1:09:16 Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Otherside
1:13:30 Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song
1:16:45 The Cranberries – Zombie
1:21:55 Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet with Butterfly Wings (Sin Audio)
1:26:27 Ugly Kid Joe – Cats in the Cradle

Artist Spotlight #1: The Posies and Ken Stringfellow

The Posies

The Posies - by Christine Taylor 2010. L-R: Matt Harris, Ken Stringfellow, Jon Auer, Darius Minwalla
The Posies – by Christine Taylor 2010.
L-R: Matt Harris, Ken Stringfellow, Jon Auer, Darius Minwalla

The Posies began in 1987 out Bellingham, Washington by primary songwriters Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow.

The Core members of The Posies, being Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow started writing songs in 1986 and  Though the songs had been intended as demos to attract other members and form a full band, the recordings turned out so well that they became the Posies’ first self-released album, Failure. Interest in the Posies rose out of the numerous home-copied cassettes that began to spread around Seattle and Bellingham. Failure was released on vinyl near the end of 1988 on local indie label PopLlama with one song drop.

Several major labels noticed the band early on and in late 1989 they signed to new Geffen Records imprint DGC Records. They chose John Leckie to produce their first album for the label and Dear 23 was released in August 1990. “Golden Blunders” reached No. 17 on the US Modern Rock charts. Ringo Starr covered the song for his 1992 album Time Takes Time. A change in the radio climate with the rise of Grunge meant that the power pop of The Posies wasn’t as successful at a major label as it should have been.

After being on Geffen, the band went back to indie label and continued to tour and release albums, both as The Posies and as solo artists.

The lastest Posies album was released in 2010, Blood/Candy and there are plans to record a new album at the end of the year.

Ken Stringfellow

Ken Stringfellow
Ken Stringfellow

Ken Stringfellow is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer. Best known for his work with The Posies, R.E.M., and the re-formed Big Star, Stringfellow’s discography includes more than 200 albums.

Aside from being in the Posies, Ken has also been involved with the following

Big Star
Stringfellow and Auer were recruited to join Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens for a Big Star reunion; Stringfellow and Auer performed and recorded with Big Star until Alex Chilton’s death in 2010.

In 1997 Stringfellow began a long association with R.E.M.. He performed with the band on world tours in 1999, 2003, 2004, and 2005, and appears on several R.E.M. records, including the Man on the Moon soundtrack, Reveal, and Around the Sun.[

Side projects
Although the Posies were Stringfellow’s main project during much of the 1980s and 1990s, he additionally performed and recorded with Sky Cries Mary, a band he founded with Auer in 1989, Lagwagon, Saltine, White Flag, and The Minus Five. Stringfellow also co-wrote and recorded several songs with Scott Miller’s band The Loud Family in the mid-1990s, appearing on their albums The Tape of Only Linda (1994) and Interbabe Concern (1996) as a guest guitarist and vocalist.

In 2003, Stringfellow and Auer released Private Sides, a six-song split EP on Arena Rock Recording Co./Rykodisc.

As a sideman, Stringfellow has worked with Brendan Benson, Cali, Snow Patrol and others. Beyond North America and Europe, Stringfellow has also collaborated with Senegal band Waflash

In 2007, he formed The Disciplines with members of the Norwegian pop band, Briskeby;The Disciplines released two records, Smoking Kills in 2009 and Virgins of Menace in 2011

Solo recordings
Stringfellow has released four solo albums: This Sounds Like Goodbye (1997, on the Hidden Agenda label), Touched (2001, on Manifesto Records), Soft Commands (2004, on Yep Roc Records), and Danzig in the Moonlight (2012). Released on Lojinx (Europe), Spark & Shine (US) and Target Earth (Japan), Danzig in the Moonlight featured Charity Rose Thielen and Margaret Cho. In 2008, he also released an EP of cover songs, The Sellout Cover Sessions Vol. 1 He has toured extensively in support of each of the albums.

Production work
Since 2005, Stringfellow has been increasingly involved with production, and has composed film music and string arrangements. He has produced albums for Damien Jurado, The Long Winters, and Carice van Houten. Stringfellow has composed soundtracks for short films such as The Kitchen Party and Bunker.

( Excerpts from Wikipedia)

Kendrick’s Essential Albums ( In his head anyway) #5 Fretblanet- Junkfuel (1994)

Fretblanet were an powerpop band from Stourbridge, England.

A bit like Bush at the time, they got more attention in America than the UK which was in the throes of Britpop.

They had a 1997 with the song “Into the Ocean” and second a second albums called Home Truths From Abroad but seemed to vanish after that.

Originally I got this on tape along with some other crackers like a couple of The Mission Albums in 1997. I played it to death,  especially loving Song in B, Junkfuelled and 1941. Both albums I have on cd.

You may notice in my posts that I remember everything about when I get a album. I seem to be able to recall everything about that magical moment I find a album.

Kendrick’s Essential Albums ( In his head anyway) #4 UMA Fare Well (1997)

Now I can’t find anything about these guys at all!! This is one that appeared and vanished. Am I the only person that has a copy?

UMA had three members:

  • Chris Hickey Vocals and Guitar
  • Andy Kamman Drums and Percussion
  • Sally Dworsky Vocals Guitar and Keyboard.

Recorded in LA during later end of 1996.

The song is a acoustic rock vibe, with many of the songs sharing vocals of Chris and Sally, mending the songs together.

Again I wonder how a album this good just vanishes……..

Uma- Fare Well
Uma- Fare Well

2015-05-23 14.03.54

Kendrick’s Essential Albums ( In his head anyway) #2 Blameless- The Signs Are All There (1995)

Another bargain find at $2. But this Sheffield band have made a cracker of an album.

An album that would be their first and last. They had a minor hit with ” Town Clowns ” and ”  Don’t Say You’re Sorry “, but they failed to chart and disbanded.

At least they made a great album before fading away.