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It’s New Zealand Music Month: Spotlight on Kiwi Bands #5- Greg Johnson

It’s New Zealand music month and 22 days into it I am highlighting some great Kiwi Bands. Most will be 80’s and 90’s band that I grew up with and are those classic albums.

Band number #5 is: Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson has always been a big favourite of mine, ever since I heard Isabelle in the early 90’s.

He has released quite a few albums now, all of the, high quality, full of great song writing.

He now self releases his albums, based in California. His website is below, so if you like his music please help him make more.

My favourite album would have to be “Chinese Whispers”, there is not a song I do not like. This is a MUST listen.

Anyway the best way to experience, is to listen.

His Website:





Can you guess the Song? #5

Rules are simple, no cheating ie google

For the winner, I will follow their blog and give one repost 🙂

I’m stuck on an island, I couldn’t care less
If you can’t get on with each other, but this is a mess
There’s holes in the buildings, and they hide behind walls
Tell me how many days now before this city falls

Isabelle, oh Isabelle
Do pray, do pray, do tell

Here, the oceans are near
And we’ve got food for our thoughts, but not much to spare
So tell me a story, spell it out, make it clear
Why you wear black in the morning, why there’s smoke in the air

Oh those tears on your cheeks
Just like déjà-vu flow now when grandmother speaks
So tell me a story, spell it out, I can’t hear
Why you wear black in the morning, why there’s smoke in the air

Isabelle, well, she comes from Zagreb
Count the hours ’til dawn and bring out your dead

Answer is: Greg Johnson- Isabelle