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Rock Ballads Collection vol 3

1) White Lion – When the Children Cry
2) Cinderella – Don’t Know What You Got
3) Cheap Trick – The Flame
4) Kix – Don’t Close Your Eyes
5) Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn
6) Saigon Kick – Love Is On The Way
7) Slaughter – Fly To The Angels
8) Skid Row – I Remember You
9) Winger – Miles Away
10) Van Halen – When It’s Love
11) Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over
12) Helloween – Forever And One
13) Whitesnake – Is This Love
14) Patrick Swayze – She’s like the wind
15) Gary Moore – Empty Rooms
16) Lake Of Tears – To Blossom Blue
17) Tears Of Passion – Angel


Obscure 80s New Wave – Rare Hits of The 80’s – Select Songs From Rare Hits of The 80’s Comps

00:00 This Fear – Soldier Of This Fashion [1985]
05:13 Face Of Concern – Brighter Days [1986]
08:22 Erth – Dreaming Of You [1986]
12:10 The Press Club – I’m Watching You [1985]
15:47 Henry Badowski – Silver Trees [1981]
19:22 The Fans – Love Me Like a Stranger [1984]
23:33 Bangah – Every Wave [1984]
28:50 Minks – Surprised [1984]
32:35 Clever Lines – After the Snow Melts [1985]
37:07 Doo Blan Tant – Life Long [1984]
39:50 The And – Holiday Girl [1984]
42:12 Hoorah! Boys! Hoorah! – Is This What You Promised Me [1984]
46:00 Spot The Dog – Man Who Dies Everyday [1982]
49:52 Zamp Nicall – Music Man [1985]
53:22 Kingdoms – Heartland [1984]
56:45 Edge Of The Wedge – She Loves By #s [1984]
1:01:40 D’arc – The Letter [1982]
1:05:03Vellum Stairs – You’re Always Guilty [1990]
1:09:25 ¡Ack-Ack! – Another Face [1985]
1:12:41 Tools Of Romance – Cool Heart [1985]
1:17:57 Sight Unseen – Is This Heaven [1985]
1:22:20 I Spy – Channels [1982]
1:24:42 Broken Silence – Nightstalking [1984]

Best of 90’s Alternative/Rock (Volume 1)

00:00 Live – Selling the Drama
03:31 Candlebox – Far Behind
08:40 Green Day – Basket Case
11:46 4 Non Blondes – What’s up
16:50 Betther than Ezra – Good
19:56 Blind Melon – No Rain
25:47 Collective Soul – Shine
31:08 Creed – My Own Prison
35:25 Deadeye Dick – New Age Girl
38:43 Foo Fighters – Big Me
40:54 Gin Blossoms – As Long as It Matters
45:19 Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
48:54 Nirvana – Smell Like Teen Spirit
53:31 Oasis – Champagne Supernova
1:01:01 Pearl Jam – Alive
1:05:57 R.E.M – The One I Love
1:09:16 Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Otherside
1:13:30 Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song
1:16:45 The Cranberries – Zombie
1:21:55 Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet with Butterfly Wings (Sin Audio)
1:26:27 Ugly Kid Joe – Cats in the Cradle

Kendrickmusicfreak Spotify: The Charlatans-The Charlatans

The Charlatans (known in the United States as The Charlatans UK) are an English indie rock band. The band’s line-up currently comprises lead vocalist Tim Burgess, guitarist Mark Collins, bassist Martin Blunt and keyboardist Tony Rogers.

Former members of the band include vocalist Baz Ketley (1989); guitarist Jon Day (Jonathan Baker) (1989–1991); keyboardist Rob Collins (1989–1996), who died in a car accident during recording of their fifth album; and drummer Jon Brookes (1989-2013), who died after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2010.

In the UK, all of the band’s twelve studio albums have charted in the Top 40 in the UK Albums Chart, three of them being number ones. They have also achieved seventeen Top 30 singles and four Top 10 hits in the UK Singles Chart.

The Charlatans- The Charlatans

The Charlatans is the fourth album by the British alternative rock band The Charlatans, released on 28 August 1995. It went to the top of the UK Albums Chart the same year. The Charlatans is rated 84 in the Melody Maker’s top 100 albums of all-time list from 2000.

The album’s original title was slated to be The First Shag in Ages] named after a chapter from Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting. Several promo shirts bearing this title were printed and early vinyl versions of the album have this written between the leadout groove.

The track “Here Comes a Soul Saver” uses a riff from the Pink Floyd song “Fearless”.

Kendrickmusicfreak’s Top 10 Sub Pop Records

For the first decade or so of its existence as a full-time record label, it seemed that Seattle’s Sub Pop Records was going to be synonymous with grunge. Sub Pop were key chroniclers of the fertile Seattle scene in the late-’80s and early-’90s, and were an early breeding ground for Soundgarden and Nirvana. After a decade living down grunge hype, a funny thing happened in the ’00s: Sub Pop going from faded alt-rock stalwarts to insanely-successful enterprise. It’s been a long and varied story over the label’s 20+ years on the job, but the music has been routinely awesome.

(Note I had to do 11 records)

Mudhoney ‘Superfuzz Bigmuff Plus Early Singles’ (1990)

Eric’s Trip ‘Love Tara’ (1993)

Sebadoh ‘Bakesale’ (1994)

Saint Etienne ‘Good Humor’ (1998)

The Shins ‘Oh, Inverted World’ (2001)

.The Postal Service ‘Give Up’ (2003)

Wolf Parade ‘Apologies to the Queen Mary’ (2005)

The Spinanes- Manos (1993)

The Grifters- Ain’t My Lookout (1996)

Looper- The Geometrid (2000)

Damien Jurado- Ghost of David (2000)