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Pledge campaign for UK and Europe by Shihad

From Shihad To all Shihad fans.

We are running a Pledge campaign for UK and Europe as a means of properly releasing our FVEY album there independently and you can now pre order FVEY through Pledge. Clearly that excludes our fans at home who already have the record or can buy through traditional retail routes.

So as part of our efforts and through Pledge we’re opening the campaign up globally so all have the chance to acquire something from our incredible archival catalogue . Hopefully there are things here which every Shihad fan will want a piece. Thanks for your ongoing support and we look forward to realizing our goal of a well funded, effective and independent release of FVEY in the UK and Europe in August 2015.

It’s New Zealand Music Month: Spotlight on Kiwi Bands #5

It’s New Zealand music month and 14 days into it I am highlighting some great Kiwi Bands. Most will be 80’s and 90’s band that I grew up with and are those classic albums.

Band number #5 is: Shihad

Shihad was one of the very first live bands I had seen (Radiohead was my first in ’94) in 1997 at  Canterbury University orientation. IT was so loud that I could feel the bass bang though my chest. It was amazing. Trying to yell at the person next to you was impossible. The Gods of Rock were playing and playing LOUD.

Shihad formed in 1988 and was created in the favour of the heavy metal bands of the time, Metallica and Megadeth. The band developed over the years modern rock, post-grunge and pop-rock that gained the band opening slots with professional US rock acts.

They based themselves in Melbourne, Australia and spend a lot of time touring Ozzie and NZ.  Interesting to note that at the release time of their seventh studio album Beautiful Machine, Shihad were ranked equal first—alongside Dave Dobbyn—for most Top 40 NZ chart singles for a NZ artist with a total of 19.

They had a name change to Pacifier in 2011 as they were about to try and break the US market. They changed back to Shihad in 2004 saying: “The events surrounding the name change and our choice to be known as Pacifier are well documented. As much as we believed in what we were doing, and the reasons for doing it at the time – the truth is we were wrong.”


Churn (1993)
Killjoy (1995)
Shihad (1996)
The General Electric (1999)
Pacifier (2002)
Pacifier: Live (2003)
Love Is the New Hate (2005)
Beautiful Machine (2008)
Ignite (2010)
FVEY (2014)

Shihad are an band that has been around 20 years plus and are still evolving and taking no prisoners. Here is to another 20 years of music.