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Kendrick’s Essential Albums ( In his head anyway) #1- Self- Sublimial Plastic Motors

Here I will highlight some of my favourite albums and what is essential for me.

I would be interested to hear what is essential for you.

At various stages I have owned more than one copy of this album. When I saw it cheap I would buy so that I have some I could pass on to friends to discover for themselves

I first came across this album in tape form in 1997 in a bargain bin. Like many of the early albums I found the cover was what drew me in.


What can I say, every song on this album rocks on every level but highlights are:

  • Sophomore Jinx
  • So Low 3:48
  • Marathon Shirt
  • Cannon

Even better news is while looking at this on Discogs to create a link for you if you wanted to buy, I have found that it has been released in vinyl..SOLD!!!

Also check out the other albums as well, Gizmodgery was recorded using only kids musical instruments. It has the great song Trunk Fulla Amps as well which I will link on here.